Guatemala Jungle Expedition – Date Changed to 28th Feb – 10th March 2022.

Below is a short teaser video for the trip:

Here is the basic information:

This is going to be quite a small group, and due to its nature I need to make sure that the people who come are of sound character and certain fitness. It is nothing dramatic like, ‘SAS are you tough enough!’ but it will be challenging.

Here is the basic itinerary so far:


  • 28th Feb – 2022- Leave from London Heathrow, layover in Guatemala City.
  • 1st March – Travel to Flores, receive rations and briefing and then straight into the Jungle for the first night under the trees in hammock and tarp.
  • 2nd -7th March – Continue expedition through the Jungle. Staying a further 5 nights at different remote sites.
  • 7th March – Transport out of the Jungle and travel to Tropical Caribbean Island for rest and recuperation to digest the experience.
  • 8-9th March – Another 2 nights on the Island.
  • 10th March – Flight from Island to home.
  • 11th May – Return to Heathrow.

***Note that it is possible to fly in from other countries on different routes.


The Jungle in Guatemala is immense. At the moment it is at the centre of one of the most exciting archaeological revelations in the world.

A key part of our expedition group will be native guides. They will ensure good route selection, safety and that we see the best of the Jungle. Included in this will be ancient Mayan sites that not even archaeologists have been to yet. They are still overgrown in the Jungle.

Many of these have only just been discovered from the air using a new technology called, ‘Lidar’. Here is a link to a 5 minute clip of it, and here is an article from National Geographic.

The Lidar has unearthed hundreds more sites than they thought were there. They are in remote, areas, inaccessible to vehicles and drops. 

This new information is forcing historians to completely re-write their understanding of Mayan History. The civilisation seems to have been way bigger and more complex than previously thought. 

The Jungle experience. 

I have referred to my experience of the Jungle a lot over the years when teaching survival, bushcraft and illustrating the importance of certain skills. I did my training in Borneo and also exercises in Belize (next door to Guatemala) during my time in the Parachute Regiment.

Like Borneo, this will not be a Systema course in terms of hours each day spent doing partner work. However, you will be practicing systema all day. Just moving through the Jungle can be a challenge.

If you are not on top of things they can unravel quickly.

You cannot fight the Jungle. You have to have great sensitivity, you have to move the way we were meant to move: smoothly, softly, efficiently. Breath work and recovery will be constants. Your awareness and sensitivity will be challenged and strengthened.

That said strength of mind and strength of spirit are the key things you will need.

I have asked the guides to recce routes that will show as many aspects of the Jungle as possible. I have also that we also get to the high ground to take in the vista. It is one of the more spectacular sights you will see in your life.

Key Elements:

  • ​7 days in remote Jungle completely self sufficient. Carrying all of your own kit and food.
  • Moving camp each day to deeply explore all aspects of the Jungle environment.
  • Working closely as a team, using timeless scouting/patrolling skills.
  • We will get chance to observe and learn from the native team. How they move through the environment, how they set up camp, hunt etc.
  • Comprehensive pre-expedition preparation and training required and provided.

The Jungle is the most enriching, awe-inspiring environment I have ever been to. Borneo was meant to be a one off trip, here is a second chance.

Pre training:

The good news is that we have over a year to prepare. In terms of the preparation:

  • I will send out kit lists, fitness training plans, and regular information emails.
  • We will also have at least one if not two get togethers to meet as a group:
    • I will deliver information briefings and we will go through full kit checks.
    • We will also do a practical element of setting up the sleeping system and practical tips on wearing the pack, crossing terrain, choice of socks and boots, cooking from ration packs and other useful skills.

Interest Reads:

Just in case you haven’t read them here are a couple of posts about the recent Borneo trip in September 2019:

One from me here and another here in an account from a participant.

They may help to give a flavour of the trip.

If you are interested please email me at to discuss further.


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