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Matt Testimonial from Vladimir“if nothing changes, then nothing changes’

I am available to teach seminars both in the UK and overseas. I always strive to leave a lasting legacy that will enable you to keep developing after the seminar.  I like to give each seminar a theme based on the needs the club or organisation at the time.  I want to make sure that something changes to improve your training and understanding during the seminar.  I am also contactable after the seminar to assist in understanding and answering any questions that you may have as you practice what we have covered.

Here is a clip of a seminar that I taught in Amsterdam in 2014:

At all seminars I strive to achieve the right environment for training and learning: one that is challenging, enjoyable and informative. Examples of themes that we can explore together are: Multiple attack work, rolling, strikes, kokyu, balance, awase or blending, connection, riai, body movement, martial arts conditioning exercises and many more.

Please feel free to contact me by phone on 07584 025 206 or email: to discuss further.

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