4 Day Systema Camp 29 June – 02 July 2017

Hit your reset button. This course is deeply rejuvenating, a 4 day Systema immersion for the mind, body and spirit.

Campfire cooking, training by day and night in field, forest and water, self reliance and outdoor skills.

Set in a stunning area of natural woodland this course is much more than just a Systema course or camp experience.  The course is deeply relaxing, invigorating, rejuvenating and wholesome for the mind, body and spirit.  For four days you will live a very simple existence.  Training, eating, sleeping, relaxing and learning all in the company of like minded people.

INSTRUCTOR: Matt Hill – Systema HQ Certified Instructor, 5th Dan Aikido, Ex-Parachute Regiment Captain.

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A bit about the course:


Each day begins with 1 hour of breathing, stretching and mobility training to prepare you for the day.

A campfire breakfast is then followed by morning training, lunch and then afternoon training. A communal campfire dinner follows. For some this is the best time of the day. To just sit under the stars in the open is primal. It is a powerful time to discuss the day or just relax and watch the flames, embers and stars.

This is then followed by a night training session to improve your awareness and senses.

You will immerse yourself in training for 7 hours per day.  However, you will be surprised to find that rather than wearing you out this will restore you to an even greater level of physical and mental health and well-being.

You will be studying the unique combat and health methodologies of Systema with its ancient practices of physical and mental training and wellbeing.


I will also cover vital bushcraft skills including:

  • Priorities of survival: What would you need to do first? Having a systematic approach keeps the panic at bay. Take a deep breath and lets begin….
  • Shelter building: you will be shown how to set up a tarp (basha) and sleeping system and also how to make a shelter out of woodland material that will keep you dry and warm down to at least -10.
  • Fire lighting: without matches using only a flint and steel.
  • Navigation: you will do some basic navigation training including orientation and use of a compass and pacing.
  • Knife work: – simple skills to make useful items for traps, shelters and importantly to ensure that you stay safe while doing so.
  • Snare trap setting: you won’t have to catch your own food, but I will show you some basic snare traps.
  • Camp Cooking: you will have a go at preparing and cooking meals over a campfire.
  • Simple knots: you will learn a small number of useful knots and put them to use.

The course is:

  • ALL INCLUSIVE food and all essential equipment is supplied. You can bring your own if desired.  *there is limited indoor accommodation for those who require/desire it.
  • COMPLETE RANGE of training including weapons, empty handed, multiple attack, awareness, striking, stretching, meditation and health promotion
  • ALL TERRAIN training in the forest, fields and water and practice by day and night,
  • SUITABLE FOR ALL LEVELS Ideal for beginners and advanced students due to the progressive nature of the training course building from basic concepts to advanced levels.  *It is also suitable for all fitness levels as there is transportation to the campsite and all training areas are a short walk from the main camp. 

Here is a video clip of highlights from last years course:

Comments from previous courses:

“An immensely enjoyable experience, that will not only put you back into the heart of nature but may also help to put you back in touch with who you really are”
– Danny Hamilton Mills

“Thank you Matt for a very enjoyable weekend and a life changing experience”
– Gergana Milkhanova

“The woodlands course gives those that wish to see a glimpse into what is important”
–  Mark Wood.

‘This is my first seminar with Matt Hill.  I have learn’t so much that I will keep with me.’
– Dave Hartley

Read more testimonials here: http://www.matthill.co.uk/testimonials/

There are only 40 spaces on the course. Book now below to secure your place.

Cost is just £199 inclusive of food and accommodation for the 4 day course.
Price rises to £225 in June.

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Payment options available:Go Cardless: £225

Monthly payment plan option available (£29 per month) please email for details: matt@matthill.co.uk only available in Feb.

Pay via Paypal £234 click here (to cover the Paypal fee)

Or via bank (Email me for details)

“I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see if I could learn what it had to teach, and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived.” –    Henry David Thoreau


I sincerely look forward to welcoming you to the course.

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Matt Hill.