The Systema Massage

Systema Massage 1The Warrior Massage will help to remove physical and emotional stress, pain, fatigue and tight sore muscles. It will make you feel looser, more relaxed, lighter and improve your performance.

Why the Systema Warrior Massage?

Many massages feel great at the time, but after 15 minutes you are back to normal. The warrior had to be able to remove physical and emotional stresses from himself and his fellow warriors in a lasting and effective way. Their lives literally depended on them being emotionally and physically free of fear, anger, sorrow, regret, guilt and the associated physical tensions. The Warrior Massage ‘cleans‘ your body internally of these negative tensions, thoughts and emotions.

Systema Massage 2How is it delivered?

It depends. It can be delivered sitting, lying, standing or a mix of all three. After an initial assessment of you I will make the decision on what best suits your needs. Usually it is delivered with the patient lying down.

Who is it for?

The massage is suitable for anyone.


The investment in your health and well-being is £75 This is for a one hour massage.

What people have said:

Systema massage is unlike any other massage I’ve received. In fact it was more of a participation than receiving, as both parties are actively engaged with constant feedback via the breath. This is a dynamic massage to say the least. Matt knew exactly how much pressure to use so that I was challenged but could manage with the breath. This trust was important and once I’d figured out my own rhythm of burst breath I found I could let go more easily than I thought. With every muscle group releasing tension and being woken up again, I felt energised but profoundly relaxed at the same time. My body was smiling with relief and I would happily have melted into the floor if left there!

I wouldn’t normally describe a massage as personally rewarding but Systema massage certainly is. To consciously let go during discomfort is the opposite to our normal brace and protect response, and to feel the tension slip away felt really rewarding physically of course, but also mentally & emotionally.

Matt as always shows the same keen awareness as in the classes, and I felt completely supported throughout, trusting I was in good hands…..or feet rather! – Hannah Latimer.

Having studied and practiced a number of Eastern and Western massage systems over the last 20 years I believe the Systema Warrior Massage has great importance, and its full value and scope is still to be understood. In my own experience it is unique in its effective treatment of deep rooted muscular tension caused by years of poor posture, muscular tension and any disharmony within ourselves. It works on physical, mental and emotional levels leaving you feeling washed clean of inner tension, anxiety and muscular tension. I also recognise the bodywork skills in Matt Hill and his ability to read and connect during a treatment to ensure that whilst he takes your body to the edge you feel safe and in control at all times.’. – Gareth Leake.

I went to Matt with a shoulder injury that I have had for years and within 10 minutes Matt had cleared the knotting to an extent that I can stay on top of it myself. It was amazing. – Will Jones.

I have travelled all over Asia and had hundreds of massages from some of the oldest and most respected massage traditions in the world. Matt’s Systema Warrior massage is in the top three. It clears things that others don’t get near to. – Peter Dolan.

2 thoughts on “The Systema Massage

  1. We met at the Melksham BGG. I am interested in booking in for a massage. If i was to book i would want it at the weekend or in the evening – is that possible? Is the hour inclusive or exclusive of the massage treatment? It would seem that you mainly work out of a sports centre, is this the venue for the massage?

    I look forward to your response

    Simon Walker

    • Hello Simon. I will send a reply to your email.
      Essentially the venue has now moved to a permanent Studio on Avonside Enterprise Park.
      The time includes the massage treatment.


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