Systema is Rich and Individual


Systema is Rich and Individual

I have met Matt Hill on three occasions now and have been impressed with his teaching skill and understanding of Systema.

My background for understanding movement is as a physiotherapist for 30 years. I have worked with everyday injuries and with athletes amateur and professional up to Olympic standard across many disciplines. It is against this background of experience that I have found Matt’s presentation of the art inspiring.

His approach to health work and conditioning for life is so refreshing. To improve the mind and body and strengthen against the demands of modern living gives freedom and good quality of life.

Athletes and people can be so outwardly focused, how fast they can run? How much they can lift? How long they can work for? Matt turns our attention inwards to developing the quality of the self, the internal running and operation of what we are. I am convinced that this focus will ultimately help achieve greater performance.

Systema is rich and individual. Matt’s real mastery and skill is in his eloquence and personalised explanations of the art. He has an insight and understanding of his students.

This talent is the factor which enables you to make the principles of systema workable for you personally and so achieve results.

Ian Felix.

Ian has been a practising Physiotherapist and Acupuncturist for over 30 years and is long term student of the Martial Arts. He currently runs the Mariko clinic in the West Midlands.

My very best wishes for your training and health,




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