Systema Breathing Workshop

A 2 Day In-Depth Look at Systema Breathing.

January is a time to get off on the right foot. Whether you do Systema or not, your breathing is a good place to start. If you do Systema, this will make sense, if you don’t, this is worth attention.

Taking conscious control of your breathing is a key element in better managing any of the following:

  • Anxiety.
  • Performance under pressure.
  • Endurance and recovery during exercise.
  • Suffering from stress.
  • Struggling to relax.
  • Dealing with chronic or regular pain.
  • Recovering from trauma or injury.

Training in the breathing methods of Systema will help.

Over 2 days on Feb 24th and 25 I will lead you through training that will:

  • Identify problem areas with your breathing.
  • Provide corrective tools to restore optimal breathing function.
  • Gently and progressively stress these tools to give you the confidence to adapt your breathing to manage the scenarios listed above.
  • Build confidence under physical and emotional pressure.


Date: 24-25 Feb
Timings: Sat: 11am Finish 5pm | Sun: 10am Start Finish 4pm.
Venue: Systema Academy, Avonside Enterprise Park, New Broughton Road, Melksham, Wiltshire, SN12 6PX.

Accommodation:There is plenty of good accommodation in the Melksham Area. A quick search on or airbnb will reveal all!

Personal touch:
The course size is going to be limited in order for me to spend maximum time with individual participants to address individual problem areas.

This course has been advertised already and is filling up.
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My very best wishes for your training and good health,