Systema Assists to help put your focus in the right area (includes video tutorial).

I received the following email from a 28 Day Systema Programme subscriber last week:

“I find Systema is a much a health system as a martial art. But for those of us with mobility issues, whether from an injury, extra weight, or simply sitting in an office all day, it can be difficult find your path into the basic exercises without building excess tension. Enter Matt Hill, who’s training methods provide an excellent bridge for beginners into this ancient and effective system of total body health, strength, and flexibility.” – Patrick, Washington, D.C.

Patrick’s email reminded me of why I put together this short video on assists for the four pillars and of the positive feedback that it has received from many people struggling with the issues that Patrick referred to in the email above.

The assists are a good bridge and they allow you to put your focus where it really should be in Systema. In the breathing. If the physical work is too hard in the beginning, you will miss the real point of much of the work, which is to notice and improve your breathing skills. The physical work highlights inadequate breathing.

I hope that you find the video useful. Click on the picture or link below:

Systema Assisted Pillars

Systema Assisted Pillars.

My very best wishes for your training and health,


Plus, whenever you ready, here are a few ways I can help with our Systema journey:

1. Complete your Systema Assessment:

The holistic assessment is designed to check your overall level of movement quality, range, tension, stress, stability, freedom of movement, coordination, strength and balance. Find out how you score across the 10 Functional Systema areas here.

2. Sign up for the Living Systema Camp from Wednesday 3rd – Sunday 7th July 2019 in Wiltshire, UK.

Details are out for this year’s Systema Camp in Wiltshire, UK. Set in stunning private woodland this year’s camp will take you deep inside Systema. We will explore the health aspects, the healing, the combat, the emotional management, dealing with people and situations. You can get all of the details here.

3. Systema on-line breathing course – an access anytime anywhere course ideal for those wanting to deepen their understanding of Systema Breathing, Instructors who want to broaden their knowledge of drills or for those who spend time practicing on their own. You can find out more here.

4. 28 Day Systema Course – The programme is ideal for complete beginners, people who want to hit the ‘reset’ button, or those who would like to undergo a structured programme that covers the key principles and movements in Systema.

You can find out more here.

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