Systema Academy 5-Day Intensive: 21-25 Nov – Melksham.

The 5 day Intensive is running on the 21-25 Nov at the Systema Academy in Melksham.

The theme of this years intensive is: The Feeling of Systema.

For me, Systema is a feeling. I am either in a feeling of Systema, or I am not. This feeling is relaxed, balanced, smooth, calm. Wherever I am or whatever I am doing. As soon as I notice something pulling me out of that feeling into tension, I check whether it is appropriate or not, and if not, I release it and drop back into the feeling of Systema.

My aim on this intensive is to get you searching for that feeling. To know:

  • What to look for.
  • Where to look for it.
  • How to notice it.
  • How to practice it on and off the mat.
  • How to cultivate and maintain it.

The aim is find this feeling and maintain it through out the range of systema work, including some outdoor and environmental training (weather dependant).

The course will progress over the five days covering, ground, standing, stick, knife, multiple attacker, environmental, and testing phases leading to an optional video recording of the final testing phase for you to keep and if desired send to Vladimir Vasiliev for feedback and/or instructor validation/renewal.

Health and Conditioning:
We will also cover the Systema approach to mobility, stretching, massage, deep and functional relaxation and conditioning work.

It will be intense but a lot of fun, with time for relaxation and use of the Academy for your own free training.

There is already a lot of interest and limited spaces.

The cost is £299.

It will be a small group with lots of opportunity for questions, discussion and peer learning. The aim is find and maintain The Feeling of Systema.

To pay by paypal click here. (Cost is £310 to account for paypal fee)

To pay by GoCardless click here. (£299)

To pay by BACS please email me for details.

My very best wishes as always for your training and health,


P.S To help keep costs down there is also the opportunity to sleep on the mat at the Academy for a nominal nightly fee. First come first served.

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