Sweden Total Immersion Camp 2017 – with the Systema Twins

Sweden Total Immersion Camp. The complete experience.
Remjäng Forests, Sweden.
Dates: 28 Aug – 02 Sept 2017

Set in the centre of the stunning Swedish forests and lakes the course will take you on a journey of self-exploration into all aspects of Systema. well-being, holistic relaxation, martial effectiveness, self-confidence and awareness. A deeper understanding of yourself and your environment.

ab2INSTRUCTORS: Adam and Brendon Zettler. the famous Zettler Twins.

Personally Trained and certified by Vladimir Vasiliev since the age of 14 Adam and Brendan are now widely regarded as two of the most exciting and skilful instructors on the Systema circuit.

Renowned for their awesome demonstrations and huge range of exciting and fun training drills the SystemaTwins seminar should not be missed.

ab6A bit about the course: You will immerse yourself in training in the forests for 7 hours per day or more.  You will be surprised to find that rather than wearing you out this will restore you to an even greater level of physical and mental health and well-being.  The training is unique, blending ancient practices of martial, physical and mental training and wellbeing in a stunning natural setting.  Our DNA recognises the forest as home. We have spent much of our time there and belong just as much as any animal or plant. The forest is healing and restful to our body, mind and soul.

A typical day:

Each day may of course vary, but a typical day is as follows:

0700-0800 Systema Health and rejuvenation session
0830 Breakfast
1030-1230 Systema Training session
1300 Lunch
1430-1630 Systema Training session
1800 Dinner
2000-2130 Night Training Session.

The course is:

  • SMALL GROUP so lots of personal attention – approx 1-15 ratio instructor to student. This is a unique opportunity to immerse in 40 hours of training with two of the most sought after instructors on the circuit.
  • ALL INCLUSIVE Transportation from the airport to and from the camp and food. Important: You will need to bring your own tent or basha. If you wish to try the basha experience, (see pics below) demonstrations and help will be given to ensure a comfy nights sleep.
  • COMPLETE RANGE of training including timeless health practices, weapons (including natural and improvised) training, empty handed, multiple attack and all scenarios in between
  • ALL TERRAIN training in the forest, fields and water and practice by day and night,
  • SUITABLE FOR ALL LEVELS Ideal for beginners and advanced students due to the progressive nature of the training course building from basic concepts to advanced levels.  *It is also suitable for all fitness levels as there is transportation to the campsite as well as the option of joining us for the walk in. 

ab4Accommodation:You can choose to bring your own tent, to sleep in a hammock and tarp (basha) or use one of the cabins (limited space available in the cabins).

Sweden acomodationbasha-swedenWhat do I need to bring?
The kit list is very basic and will be sent to all participants prior to the course. Put it this way. You will be able to carry it in on your back.

Below is a video that explains the kit required and how to pack it.

Breathe deeply and relax: You do not have to do all of the sessions. You can chose to watch and study or just relax if you are tired or want to rest. There is also time set aside during the day to bathe, swim, douse and rest.

Food. All of the food is healthy and nutritious. We all take turns in cooking and preparing meals. Everyone gets involved in the whole camp experience. If you are not used to preparing food don’t worry, this is another element of the training to look forward to!

Costs & Payment Options: The all inclusive cost of the course is £1400. The early booking discount is £1200. A deposit of £400 is required to secure your spot. Please note. remainder must be paid by 31st June 2017. There are only 30 spaces and they will go fast.

  • You can send payment by Paypal, GoCardless or bank transfer. Surcharge applies for Paypal.
  • Please email me for bank transfer details.
  • There is also a monthly pay option. Again email for details.

Cancellation Policy:
As soon as the payment has been received, the registration is considered valid and binding. An already received registration/payment can be cancelled in writing until July 31st 2017 (processing fee: £99). Cancellations after July 31st 2017, as well as participants who are absent from the Camp, forfeit the entire amount of payment. There is no right to a refund of the Camp cost after this date, but another person can take your place.

Comments from previous courses:

Short form – “Eureka”!

Long form
Step into the unknown, feel the fear & do it anyway. Reflecting on the “Swedish experience”, physically I now move much more easily, mentally I am more tuned to combat situations & overall am a lot more creative and free from some long held paradigms/constraints about martial arts.

I have already recommended the trip to all my students and peers, why? Because it was simply the best “martial arts” seminar/course/experience that I have had in the last 40 years. Challenge yourself, reap the rewards. Steve Murphy – Scotland.

Often times we lose track of what we are.

We live sedated, isolated lives devoid of connection with the earth, sea and air. We do not see the land in front of us dying from our wants and needs. Instead we look sideways and fill the gap with trivial meaningless tidbits of the latest thing to stare at. We spend our days in stasis, stationary, halted in motion while mimicking movement. Minimalistically we traverse laid out paths before us without breaking the pattern, the social structure… Our bodies get deformed from this type of life, because we are not designed to live it!

We were given this body and a high-powered brain to use! So damnit, use it!

Take a break from the stasis for a while, heck if even for a single week, and experience movement for what it could be. Move uncummbered for a change and let go of all that’s holding you still. For just a tiny moment, live free without worries or to-do-lists. Just exist, peacefully with nature, all the while putting your body and mind through a cleansing experience. Even though you’ll be training all day- everyday and still doing all the chores that need doing in the wilds, you’ll feel yourself relieving tensions and strains that your body has built up over the years and in truth you will feel different when you come home.

The hardest thing you’ll have to do is being brave enough to take the plunge and decide for yourself that you want something to change. Because if nothing ever changes then… Oooh you know how it goes 😉

Hint though, if you do decide to go: Don’t overpack… You won’t need most of that junk! Especially not that, or that… or that. Or that forth pair…– Mikael Zall

The Swedish camp for me was the adventure of a lifetime. Training, cooking and sleeping in the great outdoors truly bring you back to a healthier and more natural way of life (there is the option of traditional Swedish cabins for those who don’t fancy sleeping under the stars). I got a huge energy boost from the week’s training and I couldn’t believe how fast it went. The best thing about Matt’s and Dirk’s camp is that you don’t have to be a martial artist to benefit from it because the training is holistic, well paced, suitable to all ages and fitness levels, and most of all it’s great fun. – Isabelle Vinet.

The Sweden forest camp was an unforgettable experience, a true adventure. I thought that I had given up on having adventures, like those I had in my youth, but this camp proved me wrong! From start to finish the camp was exciting, invigorating, rejuvenating, inspiring, physically and mentally challenging, and loads of fun. It really takes you back to nature in a very beautiful part of a very beautiful country. The company is fantastic and a real bond develops with the other camp participants. Many things claim to be ‘life changing’ but very few things live up to it, this camp however is an exception. I strongly recommend anyone to attend the camp, you really will not regret it. – Ed Roberts.

Read more testimonials here: http://www.matthill.co.uk/testimonials/


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  1. Hi Matt , saw Consultant last week , bit annoyed I played a game of tag rugby not much running lots of limping!, leg healing well so I will be fit by Sept.
    Can you fit me on the course please.

    • Hi Phil, sorry I missed this. You are down for Sweden so great news!!!!

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