Sweden Camp Fri 06th – Mon 09th Sept 13

‘Profound, Inspiring, rejuvenating’

Set in the centre of the stunning Swedish forests and lakes this is more than just a martial arts course; the course will take you on a journey of exploration into wellbeing, relaxation, martial effectiveness, confidence, awareness and a deeper understanding of yourself and your environment.

INSTRUCTORS: Matt Hill 5th Dan Aikido, Parachute Regiment Captain and Systema Instructor in Training and Dirk Hanzic – 4th Dan Aikido, over 35 years experience in Martial arts including Kali, Iaido, Jodo, Judo and Kenpo.

A bit about the course.  You will immerse yourself in training for 7 hours per day or more.  However, you will be suprised to find that rather than wearing you out this will restore you to an even greater level of physical and mental health and well-being.  The training is quite unique blending ancient practices of martial, physical and mental training and wellbeing in a stunning natural setting.  The course is:

  • ALL INCLUSIVE Transportation from the airport to and from the camp, food and accommodation *accommodation ranges from cabin to tent or basha depending on your preference.
  • COMPLETE RANGE of training including weapons, empty handed, multiple attack, awareness, kokyu power, striking, stretching and health promotion
  • ALL TERRAIN training in the forest, fields and water and practice by day and night,
  • SUITABLE FOR ALL LEVELS Ideal for beginners and advanced students due to the progressive nature of the training course building from basic concepts to advanced levels.  *It is also suitable for all fitness levels as there is transportation to the campsite as well as the option of joining me for the walk in. 

Comments from previous courses:

“An immensely enjoyable experience, that will not only put you back into the heart of nature but may also help to put you back in touch with who you really are”

“Thank you Matt for a very enjoyable weekend and a life changing experience”

“Sensei Matt’s Woodland Intensive Course was well balanced, unique and highly memorable ““ I could not have hoped for more in a weekend!”

“The Woodlands course gives those that wish to see a glimpse into what is important”

Read more testimonials here: http://www.matthill.co.uk/testimonials/

Sweden Early Booking Offer

A short video to whet your appetite for the course:

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  1. Hi Matt , all paid up ,money was transferred yesterday, flights booked ,looking forward to it .See you in 2013 , hope you all have a great Xmas and New Year.


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