Daytime Classes

Daytime classes at the Systema Academy are an ideal way to improve your self-confidence, mobility, health, fitness, and levels of stress. The classes are inclusive, welcoming and fun.

Very quickly you will learn to:
• Manage and remove emotions such as stress, anger, fear, frustration and stress
• Take control of your health and well-being increasing your energy and recovery levels
• Remove a lifetime of tension and move with freedom, ease and minimal effort
• Simple methods to help you breathe, move and relax in a way that will simply turn back the clock on what your body can do

In Systema there are no rules, no belts and no nonsense. It is the martial art described by the UN as the most humane martial art of our era and by black belt magazine as one of the most effective martial arts on the planet.

It is ideal for everyone, as it does not rely on strength or aggression

Systema will progressively make you calmer, stronger, fitter, more confident, more mobile, and more secure in your ability to defend yourself and others.

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How to find usWhat people are saying:

“Coming from a sporting background I have found Systema to be extremely beneficial in raising my fitness levels whilst helping me to learn how to focus on my overall health and physical ability. I find it offers me a great mix of physical activity along with controlled relaxation which I thoroughly enjoy.” Roxana Mendiblez-James.

“Systema is ideal for women who wish to learn self defense because it is a non-aggressive martial art and it teaches how to deal with stressful and potentially violent situations in a calm and confident way.” – Isabelle Vinet

“Systema is a great form of exercise which doesn’t exacerbate my ME, and has increased my overall energy levels. It has helped to reduce my overall level of anxiety, and provided me with new tools to manage it.” – Kimberley Rhiannon.

The breathing techniques we learn in class has helped me to cope with stressfull situations such as taking exams at school or public speaking.” – Holly Leake.

4 thoughts on “Daytime Classes

  1. Hi, am interested in joining the ladies systema class although unfortunately I am committed to a yoga class on a Thursday at that time. Are there any other days for ladies?

    Many thanks


    • Hi Mandy, unfortunately there’s not at the moment. There are general evening classes but no specific ladies classes except that one. Does the yoga class have anything on any other days perhaps? Also I am running a course on the 23rd that is a one day 4 hour course that would give you a good introduction to it.



  2. I am very interested in this and would like to sign up…. I’m in Melksham… are there any courses nearby starting any sooner… feeling very vulnerable after an abusive relationship and feel I need to build self esteem confidence and this would be ideal… learning how not to be a victim.

    • HI Claire, yes there are classes in Melksham, every Thursday. Let me know when would be a good time to chat it through.
      Best wishes,

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