Private Tuition

“I started the sessions to help me recover from a pretty serious operation. After only two sessions I felt my energy and strength returning. I was also able to touch my toes, something that I have never been able to do.” – Declan Gaule

Training is available on a 1-1 basis (£75 per hour) or 2-5 people (£50 each per hour).

A block of private sessions can be an ideal way to discover the benefits of Systema.

This gives us the opportunity to work on a much more personal basis.  The transformations are profound.

Whether you are looking to transform your body, health, mental state, confidence, mobility or energy and motivation levels Systema can help.

You will be amazed at the transformation that a block of personal sessions can bring about.

I have worked with and helped top level martial artists, people in rehabilitation, lacking in confidence, those with impaired mobility, loss of mobility and function due to age or injury and those just wishing to master the martial arts faster.

You can also have a 1-1 or small group bushcraft experience into the wilderness for some real transformation.

Contact me today on the details below for a no obligation discussion about the benefits and your particular requirements.

“Quite simply, the sessions have enabled me to relax, strengthen and move in ways that I never thought I would be able to do again. Moving is now a joy for me in ways that I never thought that it would be. The focused 1-1 tuition works. It is a new lease of life.” – Gareth Leake.

“I haven’t done 10 sessions yet and the difference in my strength, mobility and skill level are very apparent. The biggest impact however is in my ability to manage the stress of work. I am self employed and at times the pressure is pretty intense. Since doing the training I have learnt ways to manage this to the extent that my wife said, “I don’t know what he is giving you, but keep taking it! Matt is both a highly skilled and very gifted teacher, I would thoroughly recommend Wiltshire Martial Arts” – Andrew Aldridge.

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