Are you prepared – part II – Systema Camp

Wide Range Sensitivity

Wide rangeIn the previous newsletter Are you prepared – part I, I discussed two important points that I picked up from the last Systema camp with Vladimir Vasiliev:

  1. Before you move a muscle: Catch the thought.
  2. Minimize preparation: Just move.

… Here is the conclusion of the story.

  1. Wide range sensitivity: The highest level.

We worked on a lot of different terrains: open field, close forest, water, by day and night. Vladimir encouraged us to take a few seconds to check ourselves when we moved between terrains. Was there any effect on our heart rate, blood pressure, tone or tension in the muscles and nervous system? If so, we were to work to restore and remove the tension.

Then he said to spread that sensitivity out to check the feeling in the group, had it changed? Was there more anxiety, excitement, calmness?

Finally, Vladimir asked us to spread that sensitivity outside the group and into the wider area. Are there other people outside the group, around camp? Is their focus on us or are they going about their business? What do you sense around you in nature from the wind, the trees?

This is an important skill for a professional.

However, it is also valuable in everyday life. If you walk into a business meeting, take the time to check yourself before you go in. Are you calm and prepared? What is the feeling when you enter the room? Is it tense, friendly, guarded? Most of us naturally take a gut feel, it’s built into us, but how many of us are conscious of it let alone adjust our actions according to it.

In this day and age, I think this is more important than ever. When you walk into a pub, a busy train station, get on a train, enter a restaurant, attend an event or just walk through a supermarket or down a street, are you sensitive to the perceptions you are getting?

If it doesn’t feel right, do you have the courage to get off the train or walk out of the restaurant or club? This may just be the highest level of martial arts. The ability to sense a problem and leave safely with your family and friends before you even need to deploy or test your skills.

We will be covering this in the upcoming UK Systema Camp in Wiltshire on June 29th. 

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