Scholar Warrior Podcast (II)
A follow up video chat with Robin where this time he tried a class and we got a little more deeply into what Systema is all about.

Systema for life
Great chat with Glenn of NC Systema where we discuss a shared path through Aikido to Systema. We also discuss Army stories, experiences with Mikhail Ryabko and Vladimir Vasiliev and the benefits of Systema for everyone.

The Embodiment Podcast
A great rambling chat with Mark Walsh of the Embodiment Podcast. We share a fair bit of history and here I discuss a broad range of topics with him from: traditional aikido training in Japan, readjusting after, talking about Sandhurst and the British military, serving in Northern Ireland, what Systema is, how martial arts can be creative, the principles of breath, movement, relaxation and posture, health practices, gyms vs. outdoors, being Stalin’s agents, professionalism, exercise as a relaxation training, cleansing and managing fear. Phew!

The Scholar Warrior Podcast:
A great chat with Robin Gamble discussing Systema, its approach, comparisons with other arts I have studied and what I have been searching for. There is a follow up coming!

Enso Martial Arts
I went to visit the Enso Martial Arts shop in Bristol. We talked a lot about the background of Systema and how it developed and also about my time in marital arts and how it has led me to where I am now.

There are three more to follow soon that have been recorded and are awaiting release.

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