Dealing with tension in the torso/chest

Chest MobilityI recently posted a Facebook video of a chest mobility exercise. It got a lot of shares and comments, one of which really stood out and I have shared it below.

The audience of these blogs may differ to the Facebook audience, so I thought that I would share here too in case anyone missed the exercise. Here is the comment:

“I have been very much enjoying my career as a BDM over the last four years. Unlike most, one element I very much like is the amount of mileage, my area Being from the M4 up to Scotland. A fair amount of driving. Over the last two years I have become uncomfortable in my driving position to the point where it has obstructed my breathing. Not able to fully inhale or exhale without increasing discomfort. This made me check my driving position. I found I was habitually leaving my right hand at 12 o’clock on the steering wheel most of the day. Even though I corrected this habit over a year ago, have seen several doctors / specialists, had chest scans ect – nobody was able to address the issue ( I just know you are going to be smiling and knodding to yourself knowingly here ) that I repeatedly mentioned I felt was ‘Muscular’.

Last week I watched this post and your reference to chest tension immediately caught my attention. Now, I’m not one to be throwing my hands up and claiming miracles BUT this exercise not only provided INSTANT relief, enabled me to locate and target precisely where to focus but has also noticeably improved my lung capacity. Which I might add – after giving up smoking for 20 years just two years ago – Is allowing me to swim those extra, extra lengths…. just like you said it would.

So, I know this reads like some kind of made up promotional review – which it is 100% NOT – I wanted to say thank you. This really is making the world of difference mate.” Lauson Higgins.

To watch the clip, click here

My very best wishes for your training and health,


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