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Here is a short clip of a class to give you a taster before you come along:

Class Times

Classes are available for cubs, tigers and families on Saturday morning from 9-10.30 and on Monday evenings from 18:15-19.15.

Children from age 4 and up are welcome to come and improve their self-confidence, self-awareness, self discipline, fitness, coordination, spatial awareness and ability to handle their emotions.

We teach children to become calmer, move better, be more balanced, more creative, healthier, happier and to lose fears such as falling over, social interaction, being threatened or pushed, punched, kicked or grabbed.

Children will benefit from unique and fun strength, mobility and flexibility exercises that develop skill in a way that is always changing, different and never boring.

They will learn to defend themselves on the ground, rolling, kneeling, standing, running, striking and avoiding strikes and kicks, in crowds and much more all in a safe, fun progressive class.

For Mums and Dads too! Mums and Dads are encouraged to join in. The exercises teach people of all ages how to relax, move better and breathe in a way that restores and builds energy and endurance. It also teaches you to detect and remove negative emotions such as fear, anxiety, irritation and aggression and deal with them in simple and reliable ways.

You will learn to be ready for the unexpected and able to react to stress and danger in a calm professional way, applying natural, divergent thinking and effortless movement to control the threat and your response to the situation.

One of the main themes is learning to deal with the root cause of tension and aggression: fear.  You learn to recognise and understand fear and deal with it.  Through this process you become calm, stable, strong, and able to move swiftly and decisively with no needless damage to yourself or others.

Training will naturally heal the effects of stress, tension, disease and injuries leaving you feeling calm, energized and peaceful.

Children and indeed people of all ages develop true self-confidence based on a deep knowledge of themselves.

No appointment is necessary private and specialised classes can be arranged by appointment

Systema Cubs (4-8) from 9-9.45

Systema Tigers: (8+) Saturday from 9-10.30

Monday from 18:15-19:15

Systema Tigers




This is a great opportunity for parents and children to train together!

Click here for a write up of what a regular class is like.

Matt is:

  • CRB cleared
  • A Certified Systema Instructor under Vladimir Vasiliev
  • A Nationally Qualified Self Defence Coach
  • An ex Parachute Regiment Captain.
  • I have a team of qualified instructors assisting with the training.

For more information contact Matt at