Are you a leaking Vessel?

Last week at the Academy I was talking about energy management during training and daily life. It was based on the DVD Breath and Body by Vladimir Vasiliev.

The key is that too much tension will leak your energy away.

You can think of your body like a vessel that contains energy. You obviously want to leak as little of this precious resource as possible.

Any kink in your posture, excess tension, asymmetry etc. will all leak energy through the day.

You can try this as an exercise:

Try to stand in a way that your have minimal leakage.

Firstly stand so that you can feel the soles of your feet even on the floor.

To do this relax the knees slightly. Elevate the chest slightly up and forwards, imagine you lift your heart slightly up and out, but stop before any tension comes into your back.

Then draw your chin back slightly but again stop before any tension comes into your neck.

Now inhale, exhale and relax all of your muscles and let them hang on this straight frame but don’t compromise the frame. Relax your knees and feel even in the soles of your feet.

Now check yourself for the following:

  • Any kink in your posture such as rounded shoulders, concave chest, hips too far forwards or back.
  • Areas of too much tension such as around injuries, in the shoulders, hips, back or legs.
  • Loss of symmetry such as standing too much on one leg, holding your arms in a way that brings in tension, leaning your head to one side or hanging forwards, rounding of the shoulders etc.
  • Too many thoughts.

Imagine that your body is a vessel filled with energy. You want to keep it.

You can also apply this work to sitting, walking and other activities like training and working.

You can practise this whenever you are standing in a queue for anything, or are walking. You will start to feel that you actually gain energy by walking, and moving this way. It feels light and free, almost as if you glide.

In another email I will talk about about how to add to your energy by moving and breathing correctly.

My respect and best wishes for your health and training as always,


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