The 28 Day Systema Transformation Challenge

Revisited, Updated and Improved! 

If you are looking to make 2018 your best year yet, then this challenge is for you. It will leave you feeling:

  • energised,
  • fitter,
  • more mobile,
  • lighter,
  • more toned,
  • stronger and
  • calmer,

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All areas of your life are affected by your health, wellbeing and fitness levels. The 28 Day Systema Challenge addresses all of these.

I first put it together 3 years ago and since then hundreds of people have benefitted positively from it:The Program starts with a nutrition plan. No fads or supplements. Just a timeless, natural SUSTAINABLE and healthy approach to your nutrition. With a few big surprises!

This is accompanied by 28 emails to motivate you daily though to the end of the challenge.

Each email comes with tips, ideas and encouragement about the Systema approach to a healthy lifestyle.

Movement Challenge

Each Daily email also comes with a Unique Systema Challenge in the form of a short video clip. The Challenges range from easy to hard. They are based around natural movement. They will steadily check and build your strength, movement range, mobility, relaxation, balance and other physical attributes in a way that will enhance your life.

They can be done in a few minutes, anytime, anwhere.

Done the Challenge before?

Some of it you will recognise, but I have updated each day and added 7 new ones. I have also given stretch targets to some of the days to challenge you even further!

Even if you have done the challenge before it is a great chance to check your key health and wellbeing habits, check your body’s strength, mobility and fitness levels, detox your body and get 2018 off to your best possible start.

A Holistic Approach
To perform, look and feel great, you need a holistic approach. You can’t just focus on exercise or diet alone. This challenge addresses the 5 key areas of health and wellbeing.

In one unique, varied, interesting and simple program The transformation challenge addresses the key areas that make a difference to how you feel on a day to day basis.

Participants state that the daily emails were the key in keeping the motivation going for 28 days.

Your investment 
The price is just £1 per day. £28 in total. If you do not feel satisfied at the end of the month I will refund you the entire fee, no questions asked. Don’t even think twice about it. Just click below now to enrol yourself or a loved one onto the 28 day challenge or email me to find out more:

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With my respect and best wishes for a fantastic 2018,


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