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Welcome to the home page of Matt Hill Systema.  We are based in Melksham, Wiltshire.

We practice and teach the Systema of Mikhail Ryabko and Vladimir Vasiliev. Click on the names to find out more about the founders of Systema.

Matt Testimonial from VladimirWe offer a holisitc solution for the mind, body and spirit.  Our aim is to develop natural, healthy, active people.  People who are skilled at defending themselves and others and able to stay calm, acting swiftly and decisively in stressful and dangerous situations.

We offer the following:

Systema teaches you a simple truth: Improvement in your life comes through improving yourself.  There are no shortcuts, but consistent training in a discipline that develops your mind, body and spirit, produces spectacular changes over time.

Have a look at what we get up to in a regular session. We would love to welcome you in the class.

Training is authentic and traditional and will:

    • Improve Health
    • Manage and decrease Stress
    • Teach you to relax
    • Increase mobility
    • Make you stronger and happier
    • Improve recovery during and post training
    • Improve fitness
    • Improve coordination and balance
    • Make you feel as light as a feather
    • Improve your creativity
    • Improve sleep quality
    • Improve quality and enjoyment of life
    • Increase energy and endurance
    • Increase self confidence
    • Improve concentration and focus

Classes for Juniors (4 +) and adults:

Systema Cubs (4-7): Saturday Morning 9.00-9.45am

Systema Tigers: (8-15) Saturday morning 9.00-10.30

Adults Classes: (16+) Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 18.15-19.15 Systema Health 19.30-21.00 Full Systema Class. Saturday Morning 9.00-10.30 Family Class – all welcome.

No appointment is necessary. Private and specialised classes can be arranged by appointment.

The environment is fun and friendly. Starting couldn’t be easier.  Click here for more details.

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If you have any questions then please don’t hesitate to contact me.